Classic, Exotic, and Vintage Car Storage

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Our clean and safe storage facility provides convenient car storage solutions that allow you to free up room at home while keeping your investment safely secured. A-1 Car Storage has a rack system that stores classic cars off the ground, keeping them safe from any potential hazards and giving you peace of mind. A-1 Car Storage also provides added value in our services that will ensure your vehicle receives the attention it deserves while you're away. 

  • Protects your car or vehicle from damaging sun, heat, rain, weather, and dirt 
  • Prolongs the life of your upholstery, interior, electronics, accessories, and tires 
  • Complete fire protection with monitored fire sprinklers 
  • Access to the indoor car storage area at our facility is strictly controlled and limited to our onsite Car Storage Consultants.   
  • Car storage services are available – including tire service, car wash, start-up service and battery tenders to ensure car is ready when you are 
  • 24-hour video surveillance 
  • The only car storage facility in the area offering 24-hour pick-up & drop-off service! 
  • San Diego car enthusiasts are welcome!

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