Helpful car storage tips that can protect your investment!

Preparing your car or vehicle for storage:

  • Change and check all fluid and oil levels.
  • The gas tank can either be left full or emptied.
  • It is recommended that you add a stabilizer to the gas tank to prevent gum and varnish formation. Then you'll need to drive the car for at least 10 miles to ensure the stabilizer gets fully circulated throughout the system.
  • If your car or vehicle will be stored in an enclosed storage unit or area where gas fumes could be a problem, empty the tank at least halfway before putting it in storage.
  • Raise tire pressure to help prevent flat spots from forming. Be sure to bring the pressure back within normal limits once you take your car or vehicle out of storage.
  • Wash and wax the exterior of your vehicle prior to storing it to completely remove dirt, salt, sand, road residue, etc.
  • Treat all vinyl, leather, tires and other rubber components with the proper protectant.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum the interior - ensure all food crumbs, wrappers, perishables and liquids are removed to prevent pest or rodent infestation.
  • Ensure upholstery and carpets are thoroughly dry before putting your vehicle in storage.
  • Place dessicant inside your car to absorb trapped moisture and prevent mildew.
  • Convertible tops should be left up to prevent creasing and shrinkage if left in the down position for extended periods.
  • Close all vents and windows.
Other helpful car storage tips:

  • Don't set the parking brake, just in case it locks-up or rusts.
  • Invest in a good quality car cover that is clean, soft and breathable to place over your car while it's in storage.
  • Remove all personal items and valuables from your vehicle, center console, glove compartment, side pockets, trunk, etc.

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